“Lets Talk About Driving”

10 sAre you a good driver? Do you know that the Safety Measurement System Results from the FMCSA website could affect your insurance rating?
The SMS is a recompilation of public information of your trucking business to evaluate your safety compliance with regulation.
This information includes driving violations, crash history, fatigue, driver fitness, drugs and alcohol Cargo and maintenance. You can also find your OOS ( out of service).

safety 3It is important to know that Insurance Company underwriters have the capability and duty to check these results to get to know their risks. Theycould base part of their insurance rating from the information obtained not only from the MVR (Motor Vehicle Record), but also from the SMS.


  • DGO Insurance advises you follow the “10 steps for good driving” featured, to get on the road in perfect alignment with regulation.
  • The FMCSA encourages you to check your SMS results periodically. You can also correct any erroneous data by request to the FMCSA.

Our commitment to you is to inform you of the benefits of having a good driving record and an excellent maintenance program for your trucks  to be able to get a great insurance coverage at as low a cost as possible.

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