Cargo Theft — Security and Responsibility

Cargo Theft is a common crime; a crime of opportunity. Cargo goods are easy to access and abundant across the country.  Statistics estimate that cargo theft cost the shipping industry about $25 billion a year.

Cargo theft happens frequently in terminals, truck stops, warehouses, parking lots, and most commonly in trucks parked on the street. This is a problem that occurs all around the country.

To minimize Cargo theft we recommend these Prevention Procedures:  red truck

About Personnel:

Get to know your drivers before hiring by performing a pre-employment screening.

Unattended Trucks:

Make sure your units are equipped with an alarm system and locked completely.

About Routes:

Make sure your routes are done with a minimum of stops and don’t leave your vehicle unattended in an unsecured area at any time.

About Subcontractors:

If you use subcontractors you need to obtain as much information about the company and driver as possible.

About Equipment:

Secure all trailers or containers making sure they are seal/locked correctly and against a wall.

Yards or Parking Lots:

Ensure adequate lightning, fences and security cameras and guards are provided to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the location.


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